The intensive care unit comprises 11 intensive care beds, with separate boxes designed according to European standards and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and multimodal monitoring.

This intensive care unit also includes a post-reanimation monitoring unit with 4 well-spaced beds.

The unit takes care of patients with one or more organ failures endangering their lives and may require the implementation of supportive methods (respiratory, hemodynamic, renal, neurological, hematological support, etc.). It is a versatile intensive care unit suitable for patients with both medical and/or surgical pathologies.

Diagnostic and therapeutic reception and care are provided by an anesthetist-reanimator physician present on-site 24/7.

After intensive care, the post-reanimation monitoring unit allows the care of patients whose clinical condition requires intermediate close monitoring between the intensive care phase and the traditional hospitalization phase. It also allows specific care for operated patients requiring close postoperative monitoring.

Structure and Technical Platform

All pediatric hospitalization rooms are equipped with modern medical facilities:

  • 15 electric multi-position intensive care beds with nurse control panel.
  • 15 multi-modular monitors and 01 transport monitor.
  • 09 high-end ventilators for intensive care respiratory assistance and 01 ventilator dedicated to patient transport.
  • 05 respiratory assistance generators with nasal interface (Optiflow)
  • 01 conventional hemodialysis generator
  • All committed to your health!