The neonatology department of Polyclinique Les Jasmins can accommodate up to 11 newborns and infants
The neonatal intensive care unit has 5 individual boxes and 3 double boxes.
These children are usually born prematurely, with low birth weight, or requiring specific treatment and monitoring not possible in the maternity ward.
Medical care in the neonatal intensive care unit is provided by neonatology and neonatal resuscitation specialists, along with a team of paramedical professionals (nurses, pediatric technicians, nursery nurses) available 24/7.
Our strength lies in promoting mother-child closeness during the hospitalization of the newborn while encouraging breastfeeding.

Structure and Technical Platform

To address all neonatal pathologies, Polyclinique Les Jasmins is equipped with cutting-edge equipment:

  • 11 neonatal resuscitation incubators
  • 2 warming tables
  • 1 intensive phototherapy device for jaundice treatment
  • 3 standard phototherapy devices
  • 3 cribs
  • 5 neonatology ventilators
  • 3 CPAP machines for non-invasive ventilation
  • 1 laminar flow chamber