The operating theater at Polyclinique Les Jasmins has 7 fully equipped operating rooms for all surgical interventions and a large recovery room with various oxygenation and monitoring systems.

Patients are welcomed to the operating theater 24/7 and will find a highly qualified and certified team of specialized personnel, dedicated and professional caregivers, along with state-of-the-art medical technology. The air quality in the operating rooms is ensured by high-efficiency laminar flow systems.

The experienced staff in the operating theater helps patients manage anxiety, making them feel comfortable during this phase of their care journey.

The recovery room, part of the anesthesia service in the operating theater, receives operated patients to provide appropriate post-operative care and monitoring. This room is where the initial phase of post-operative pain management takes place before preparing the patient in their room under the best safety conditions.

A central sterilization unit is located on the same level as the operating theater.